Friday, March 27, 2009

Halle Louise Ingram, where have the years gone?

3 years old
2 years old

1 year old

newborn baby.....

Halle totally surprised us and wanted a Pink Pirate party? What is a pink pirate party you ask? Well you act like pirates, have a treasure hunt, say "Arrggh Maty", have pirate cupcakes and have a pink, heart shaped eyepatch apparantly!

For dinner we ate "like pirates", no silverware, no manners and totak mess while eating spaghetti! Taylor absolutly loved it!!!!!

Halle laughed the whole time throughout dinner. She still pretty much ate one noodle at a time so as to decrease the messiness. hahaha

Arrrhghg, me matys. We really did have such a fun night. We had a treasure hunt that led us all around our house and in the yard, reading pirate books, having dinner and getting pirate cupcakes!

They really got into it!!! It was hilarious! Our pink princess Halle wanted a pirate party.....go figure!

There were six things that Halle specifically wanted to do on her Birthday-so cute! In a jumbled order, they were as follows: #1 Halle wanted to decorate cupcakes with Tay-Tay. A little too much blue writeable iceing, ya think?

#2 She wanted to do homework with Tay-Tay. I found some "birthday" themed worksheets online. I love the internet!

#3 Halle wanted to go get Chocolate Ice Cream "in a cone" with Mommy and Daddy-Luckily Greg was able to sneak away during his lunch break and do just that.

Ok, she carried this "Happy Birthday" balloon around with her the whole day-so funny!

Four years old!

#5 She wanted to paint her fingernails and toenails....

#6 She wanted to snuggle and read lots and lots of books :) PERFECT!


I am so happy when they are both home and just playing. I am so grateful to have such sweet and awesome and crazy and energetic little girls!

This is the art that I promised to post when the girls finished their projects and they finished them in January....we had so much fun putting them together. We "copied" the idea from Pottery Barn. This is the one that Tay put together-she painted the canvas and picked out the fabric and paper and put together the flowers-and helped cut out the different shapes.

This is Weezer's, she did such a good job. It was fun to work on a project together. Both girls loved putting together their flowers....they are my "new" obsession...super glue, flowers and buttons! We made a ton of cute magnets with them too!

Can you say SPRING?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The girls came running inside one day last week and said Mommy! Spring is here, spring is here! Hallelula!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A "looth tooth" and Halle-fun

Ok, you can't really tell from this picture..(shhhh, don't tell her!) but she has a "looth tooth", she has been working on it for a couple of days now and she it just sooo excited.
Halle-Weeze, no longer wants to be called "weeze"-her name is "Halle". Don't worry, I "accidently" slip it in there once in a while and she doesn't seem to catch it! Our days at home together are filled with taking care of all of her little "friends". Quite literally they are her friends and while she is taking care of one animal/friend she constantly worries if the other ones are getting their feelings hurt because she isn't caring for them. Oh Halle-I need to get you out into the real world...but for now-I love that you are home with me and our days are made up of make-believe!

I came up the stairs one day and I found this on the stairs.....Halle said that it was the two of us in the hospital bed and that she got to stay there with me this time...with elephant of course. Sweet.

In an earlier post I had a picture of Emily and Halle, well this is her sister Kelly and she comes on Mondays and Wednesdays and teaches Halle a preschool lesson and takes her on a fun outing. Cute huh!

On one of Halle's outings they went to a farm store and Halle got to hold a baby duck!!! She was so excited!

Spring, Chalk and Chipmunks!

Taylor "colored" her eye pink with chalk. silly girl! heehee
We have had a few nice days and even I went outside and layed on our front lawn.. (gasp) We got the sidewalk chalk out and the girls had so much fun playing hopscotch. Tay is an old pro, and Halle is at that cute stage where her hopping is a little run/skip/hop/bounce and I LOVE it!

Ok, so for Family Home Evenings we have been going through President Hinckleys Be's and two weeks ago the topic was "Be Smart". So each Monday night we have been picking something new to learn about. Well, we learned all about squirrels/Chipmunks...Taylor and Halle can give you a refresher's course if you need one, and we learned that we have "fox squirrels" in our back yard.

We normally only see one at a time in our backyard so Halle calls "our" squirrel "Chippy". Its too funny!

We actually purchased a piece of furniture! We bought this table and chairs at the end of last month with my Mom's help and we love being able to eat in the Kitchen again...(our other table is in the "dining room" aka homework and project room :)....oh and the wallpaper you see in this picture is basically all gone thanks to my awesome girls who come and help me since I am disabled... :) Oh yeah, I put them to work on all the really vital important stuff!

Time is actually moving, we are in our 3rd trimester and amazingly enough I am still alive. :) With that acknowledgement and the fact that spring is here or is just around the corner-it feels like I can breathe again. I just may survive this yet!