Thursday, October 9, 2008

Im a loser Blogger I know!!

Ok, so we all have noticed that I kind of havent been blogging lately, its because Im lame! But this too shall pass, the lameness I mean. We are moving this weekend to Richmond, IN so that we can see Greg a couple more hours a day and because we want to see if Stephanie will snap without a target or YMCA!?
So with this move, I Stephanie do hereby pledge to be a better blogger because I really do have much to blog about and because I will be left a lone woman in the wilderness (well not wilderness because that would mean that I were in the mountains or something and that would be my happy place) and will need desperatly to communicate with all of my dear friends and family and because if any of you ever stopped blogging and updating me on your lives I would be mad as.....I would be livid. Grr, moving is so hard!

Ps. I really have made peace with Richmond, and Indiana, and (gulp) not living by mountains for the rest of my existence. Can you tell?!!! Hee hee