Tuesday, June 17, 2008

After 9 years we are finally here!!! Congrats Greg!

Scary Greg is trying on his "hood" before graduation. No, that is not how you wear it....
At graduation we said some last minute quick goodbyes to old friends! Tay and Halle love Abigail Raven, and her sister Breanna (not pictured).
Ah, the graduates, Don Parker, Jeff Jones and Greg
There he is, about to be "hooded"
My graduate, doesnt he look pretty in Purple! We really are so very proud of him and what a huge accomplishment it is!!!

Gregs Graduation Party, May 5th

Here we are at the Graduation party the evening of the Mini, it was a lot of fun but we were tired!
This is some of the LDS wifes that have spent the last four years together supporting our spouses.
Clinic C!!!! Greg spent the last two years with this group up in clinic

Half Marathon with the Dustins!!

Lookin Good Matt! Doin a little Dance!
You too Greg, Porta pottys are just around the corner
Ready! OK!!! GOOOOO Janet!
oh, Steph too!
Heres the Dustin and Ingram clan before the race, we had soooo much fun! Everybody did awesome on their half marathons and we cant wait to do it again. Matt and Janet, thanks so very much for coming, it means a ton and we just had sooo much fun with you and your cute girls!