Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter Weekend!

Hmm, every picture of me is of me laying down.....seriously, its not all I do. I will have to talk to Greg about taking other kinds of pictures. Why even put the picture in!? For posterity sake I suppose...
She is admiring her basket of goodies with her friend of the week....."chicky", such creative nameing! :)

Bailey is Wes' daughter and is so cute! She had such a good time hunting!

And the hunt is on!

Sleepy Halle with her Basket!

Happy Easter Tay!

Greg took pictures of the girls after church....Love the forced smiles!

Halle just relaxin on the new couches! Yeah!

Yeah! All of that saving for months paid off and Greg drove over and picked up our couches on Friday night. We had a hard time finally agreeing on a couch but we finally got there and here they are. Now we can move down the list on other fun things to save for. When we were first married, Bishop Danes in Orem told us to never buy anything that you can't pay cash for. He and his family (6 kids) lived in a new house for 2 years before they had any furniture....anyway-very inspiring.....blah blah, I know. :)

Beautiful Easter Eggs! The girls and I spent a ton of time just decorating eggs. I realized that once the baby is here we wont be able to be so relaxed with our time doing things just the three of us like!

My sweet girls!

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Great Smoky National Park!!!

As you will see, we had a ton of fun!!! Thank you Ingrams, Reynolds, and Brewers...the memories are wonderful!! From hiking, to driving go carts, the wonderworks, and miniture golf, and best of all "wherewolf" every night-so much fun!
The boys had so much fun racing each other!!!!!

We played miniture golf and these people can seriously golf.

Here I am as a lawn ornament/golfing challenge....ah, fun times on the ground.

Racing!!!!! They had a blast!!

Some of the pirates....we had Halle's cake on the vacation and everyone had lots of fun making fun of everyone else with their eye patches on! haha

The Ingram family after we reached the little waterfall. An epic achievment for sure!

The Brewers! Thanks for planning the trip!

Halle and her golfing skills! Seriously impressive. She was so determined to do it all by herself!

Taylor loved it! She did this awesome upside down between the legs shot. hahaha still makes me laugh

Pure enjoyment...she sped around the track without a problem at all-she just wanted to go faster!

Halle........we were all so proud, and so very surprised that she willingly and and determindly signed up to race! She did great! We all were laughing so hard because she was barely pushing on the gas and she kept bumping into the edges and the guy working there just followed her around to help her!! Afterwards she said-Mommy my car did not go very fast but I dont mind, I like to go slow!

The racers, waiting to get into their cars!

These five went on an 8 mile trail run one morning!

Ah, what would be a trip to Tennessee without goin' to a "hoot 'n' hollar"? We had so much fun, the kids loved the singing and dancing and the dinner was awesome!

Issaac got picked out of the big crowed to go up on the stage and help out. Thanks for the laughs Issaac!

We decided that Em and Jake are not allowed to have any kids of their own because they help out so much with all of ours!!!! Thanks guys!

The girls loved the show! We all ate and watched, they were amazed. haha

We went to a "children's" musuem and it was amazing. It is called Wonderworks and the architecture of the building was awesome. The entire thing was made to look like it had been picked up and turned upsidedown!!! Awesome! The entire musuem was family oriented and was just as fun for the adults as it was for the kids. All of it was hands-on and it was awesome!

Taylor was eating a cheesburger at Wendy's and when we were getting ready to leave she ran up to me, so worried and said-"Mommy, my tooth is missing!!!!!!" Apparantly her very loose tooth that had been hanging there by a thread had gotten swallowed with a cheeseburger bite! Proof that she does not chew her food. She wrote the cutest note to teh toothfairy!! And amazingly enough, the toothfairy still delivered some money under her pillow in the hotel even with out a tooth!

Here is Halle on "the bed of nails!" at the musuem.

A "bubble factory"! We obviously spent a lot of time in here!

Here's Halle racing on a cyber motorcycle!

Greg about to ring the bell on the climbing wall. We need to get that man on a real wall this summer somehow! He loves it!

Ah, my little climber! She did awesome! Isnt she cute! She has the best attitude and loves to try anything new! Love ya Tay!

So very brave!

I am sorry but I could not resist!!!!! The cyclops pirate and the other one. so fun, thanks for being such good sports with the pirate party.

In the park there were some neat old cabins and mills that you could hike around to!

Halle's candles went out before the little pirate could blow on them and we are not sure if she realized that or not! haha

All the cute kids enjoyed the hike so much. We noticed though that they didn't really mind what we were doing as long as they were together and being silly and active they were totally happy and content! Kids are good like that!

Halle loves her Uncle Jake! Halle was quoted as saying," I am so excited to see Santa Jake, bringing me presents in the night...." hahahaha, what?!!! Love you Weeze!

We really did try to get a group shot of all of us in front of the sign but it didn't turn out so well..sorry, no offense Greg! we all know you tried your hardest!

Yeah! We are adding two more babies to this crazy bunch!!!

The girls rode down to Tennessee with Grandma and Grandpa so we had room to bring the cake! Seriously the thing was huge!!!!!! The picture of this cake is what inspired the "pink pirate party". It actually tasted really good too! Surprising!

Isnt it so cute...and huge!? There is a girl that works in Greg's office and she also works part time at a bakery because she absolutly loves to do this kind of stuff- we showed her the picture of the cake and she made this thing. WOW! Thanks Erin!