Monday, July 21, 2008

Dr. Ingram

It's Official! Dr. Greg!

Greg actually working on a patient in his practice...
The girls think Daddy is really cute in his neat Dentist glasses...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Dale Hallow! June 2008

We could not keep Tay out of the water, hence the permanent life jacket! So big and so cute!
Halle-Weeze. Such a fun and spunky 3 year old, after some coaxing she got in the water and totally loved it!
Grandma Ingram and all of the grandkids in the hottub on top of the houseboat. Fun!!!
Girls, we had so much fun huh!!! Debbie, Em, and Julie, it was a fun ride!
Halle sleeping on the job. A good vacation would not be good if our Halle didn't get some rest! If she fell asleep on the ski boat she would have to use a towel instead of "blanket", lets just say she needed an adjustment period to that. Since mommy didnt want it to accidently fall to the bottom of the lake we left it back on the houseboat.

Soccer clinic! Mid-May

Tay and Halle tried their hand or foot at soccer. Tay loved it and Halle liked it! It was a really fun soccer clinic that the girls did with Greg and I to teach them the summertime!

May 15th-22nd, Florida Trip! Yes I am that far behind.

We spent so much time on the beach
Of course there were lots of beautiful sunsets...
"The Square"-tons of fun shops and restaraunts
We went on a gazillion mile bike ride that was really really fun.
View from our balcony, the picture doesnt do it justice.

Ok, we had soooooo much fun in Florida. Greg graduated on Saturday the 10th and we left on the following Thursday for a newlgraduated vacation. The girls also got a vacation and they spent the whole week with Grandma and Grandpa Ingram. I think we missed them more than they missed us!!! Each day we would spend some time at the beach, go kayaking, biking, running, swimming, shopping, eating (tons of good restaraunts!), long walks on the beach and stuff. It was so fun getting to know each other again. I recommend vacations with your spouse to anyone!!

Miniture golf, we will never be the same!

Ah, my new love!!!!!! Putt Putt Golf. Greg and I went in Florida, (there will be a post after this one instead of before this one because I messed the other post up that was supposed to preface this!) We had so very much fun! Greg taught me that miniature golf is what it says it is...but putt putt is a whole other level of golf!!!! Yes that is a picture of my hole in one thank you very much!
Greg and the Apes, same family huh!
Me, I guess pretending to golf strangely-we dont really know.
go racing baby Zebra, go! As you can tell, these pics were from a jungle themed putt putt course, the coolest putt putt was the pirate fun!!!!