Friday, May 8, 2009

How does your Garden Grow? April 17th......

The Kindergartners at Charles were able to put on a little musical with the 1st-2nd graders and Tay couldnt have been more excited!! We talked about it for a month! She decided that she wanted to be a carrott for the musical so we made this thing. hahaha She was adorable but it was a little restricting for a little girl who is always on the move!
Grandma Ingram drove all the way over from Indy for the the 20 minute production-Thank you!! It meant so much to Tay!

The Carrot and the carrot fan!

Sooo cute. I loved it! Ah, Kindergarten, the only time you can dress your kid up in a crazy costume and they still like you for it! There was a little girl with daisies on her head that sat right in front of Tay so you couldn't even see her during the program but I suppose thats ok.....

Halle, waiting so patiently for the program to begin She is such a fan!