Thursday, June 25, 2009

"I wish I had treasured the doin a little more and the getting it done a little less"

I want to stop saying this each night when I go to bed! That tomarrow will be different-that I will take advantage of TIME tomarrow.

How many tomarrows do I think I have? How many tomarrows do I think my daughters are going to be there-waiting for me to take advantage of the time I have with them on the next day? It always seems so clear in the evening when they are all asleep- The things I should have done different, the things that should have been on my priority list, the laughs I should have had with them if I would have let myself laugh. Greg always says,"You are always saying "no" to something, every time you make a choice. How many times am I going to tell my girls "no" before they are done waiting? Today-its a beautiful word.

Yep, she's still gone

Uh, I am ready for you to come home now Bridget!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Bridget left this morning-Uggghhhh

Miss you more than you could know! It sounds so inadaquate but, "Thank you!" We will cherish this time that we have had with you! Dash-it-and-diamonds, flippering frogs, curses and crowns...there, I said it!

Life is sweet...

He is getting so alert! It is too fun. Doesn't he look so cool in his camo shirt? He thinks so. He took his first real bath today because his belly button is finally all dried and cleaned up. He loved it! He is 2.5 weeks old (19 days old!)

We came home from Indy this past weekend at 1am in the morning and this is what we found in our bedroom upstairs. Apparantly the crack in the ceiling that I have been worried about really did finally fall. Ugggh.


No one mournes the tubers!!!

Just Relaxin after a hard t-ball game...

So classic for their personalities!!!

Grant is 13 days old!

Hey guys! Whats up?

Monday, June 22, 2009


They just finished their first game...."so tired, and hot, and hungry", Ah, the thrill of victory!
Greg, gets to help out a lot....Halle has fallen twice while running to 3rd base. We think the helmet is top heavy, ya think.

Go Tay, go!!!! She loves it, she has caught the ball twice!


"So coach Daddy, is it snack time yet?"

Run, Tay run! I love that Taylors pictures are actual action shots and Halle's are poses, and holding her helmet. haha

Hey, batter, batter, batter, Swing!

She's Ready! she is so into the game the whole time.

Halle's playing in the dirt...just like her daddy

Take me out to the ball game! He is so ready to get out there and play, can you tell?

Gymnastics!! Yay!

The girls started gymnastics on june 10th. They love it! It is so fun to see them learning new things

Grant Ingram, you are soo cute!(Day 7)

I love that face! It's like he is a little monkey or something!
Just out of the bath, chillin in his bathrobe! My favorite! (day 7)

Halle, just loving her baby brother!

Totally content, I love it after he has had his bath and smells so sweet! and he has eaten, and pooped and burped and then he just lays there, so clean and calm.

Lots of fun random pics!

Our glow worm! On day 6- we went and had to get his billirubin checked cause he was one little yellow guy! His had a level of 17.5 so we started the billi blanket and he glowed at night
Oh, the heel stabs! Each of his little heels had 4 each! Sad... his levels finally peaked at 18.6-yikes.

Cute little boy who grew a tail. The billi-blanket was bigger than he was. It was just this rectangular, flat, thing with a cord sticking off the end, that had the fiber optic-ish lights shining through, he was uncomfortable with it at first but then I think since it was so warm, he didn't mind.

Sun in a box...

When I got home from his second round of heel sticks at the hopital "soak up some indirect rays".

Cuteness. Love this blanket! It is ultra soft-I want one.

So little, 4 days old

Just a little teeny super guy! (4 days old)

Nice, hot, 1st day of summer vacation.....

Bridget got out the buckets and soapy water to wash the van and she asked the girls if they wanted to help and they just looked at her crazy cause they thought the only way to wash a car is to drive it through the car wash....looks like I need to be less lazy and wash my car by myself once in a while....naaaahhhhh.

1st day of summer vacation....bubbles! Tay got some bubbles from Mrs. Oler and as she was walking outside they spilt and she just burst into tears....She has missed her kindergarten class so much and Mrs. Oler! Its been a hard transition for her...I am trying to do summer school but it is pretty shady right now! Hopefully it will only get better...haha.

The girls are doing sooo well with him! They keep wondering when he is going to wake up!

Loving his car seat....can you tell?

First walk-3days old

Our yellow little guy,

Before Grant came, Halle always asked me if baby would be as big as this blue doggy and I told her that he would be bigger...she reminded me the other day that I was wrong!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Taylor Jayne is Graduation Girl

Thanks for coming to Graduation Grandma!!! It was so fun to have you there for the big day. :)
All smiles....thanks to some unwelcomed post pregnancy hormones I cried. How did she get so big?

What a little ham. She seriously had a photo shoot for about 15 minutes and posed with all of her classmates. So cute. She is really really going to miss kindergarten.

Halle loved posing along with her sister. She is excited to have her home with us now!

Ah, the diploma...what a gorgeous thing it is.

We were so happy that she sat on the front row so we could see her! She just sat up there in her little chair for the 15 minute production. If someone knows how to push the pause button just let me know!!!