Sunday, June 12, 2011

Its my computer's fault!!!!!

So I am obviously sooo very behind on my blogging. I could blame it on my computer, which... no offense computer, but it is mostly your fault!!! But, there is no reason why I cant get on here and blog about all of the good/ the bad/ and the ugly... but mostly wonderful things that are happening around here lately. I wanted to post a lot of pictures of my kids and adventures but my computer says it is "full". Full of what? Of pictures. I have been trying to work on some family memory books but I started 3 books at once and now it is grumpy and wont let me open my blurb program to work on the books and i cant upload any more pictures onto my computer because it keeps saying that it is full. Grrrr. We have tried everything we know how to do, so now... I have just been sitting, waiting. (well laying, waiting).
That seems to be the theme as of late. Lay and wait. Yuck. I know, I know, I need to lay down for baby and take it easy, I am mostly ok with that part. But I have also been "laying and waiting" on other things that I dont need to be. It seems to me that I have been pretty lazy in other areas in my life and letting, actually forcing, time to go by. I need to stop that!!!! hahahahaha. I will probably look back on this last bed-rested-ness and think, "Dang it, why didn't I do that when I was just laying around all day?". Especially when this little one is out and i will be running around again with my little crew and wondering how in the world I am supposed to get everything done!?!!
We always want what we cant have. haha.
So I am wondering?? What should I do right now, to prepare me for what is coming.... in like 5-7 weeks? Yikes?! I feel like I have been blindly counting down the days to "get this part over with", but I have not been "preparing myself" for what is actually coming!!!!
I am not talking about the physically demanding part of being ready. Heaven knows I wont be ready for that after the atrophy of what is now my body. You know, the kind of preparing that it takes to emotionally/spirtitually/mentally handle jumping back in there again. I will go from listening to the clock tick ever so slowly to running full speed with my 4 kids and I really, really REALLY want to be enjoying it!
I want to soak in those little moments that I feel like I have been missing out on! But if I am not careful, I am just going to be a stressed out, yelling "monster mommy" who isn't taking the time to just love and enjoy that newborn baby smell, or the sweet little faces those newborns make when they are sleeping, or taking hundreds of pictures of my big kids loving the new one that we have all worked so hard to get here.
Thankfully after about a month I will have running on my side again... well... haha, walk/jog/panting is more like what it will be..... but still, the whole moving around and getting endorphins from that will help.
Anybody and anyone: Give me specifics! If you had one month to really prepare yourself for the RE-ONSET of motherhood... what would you do???? I have an amazing opportunity here. It is the calm before the storm, I know it is going to be crazy! What books should I try to read? What should I try to organize (bad question, haha, everything!!!) What should I "do" with my big, little ones to help them be prepared and excited for her to get here?
Any tips you have will be great. As moms I know we all have in the back of our minds a list of "If i only had a little more time I would _______________ to help me be a better mom!" Granted I need to do most of it from my couch but still......... I want those lists! :)