Saturday, October 3, 2009


Grant, this was your special blessing day! August 2, 2009. At our church when a baby is a couple months old, the babies are given a special blessing, or prayer. Daddy blessed you to grow up strong and big, to know of your Heavenly Father's love for you, and among other things-to know how much we love you! You had so many visitors and family members and friends that came for your special day! Grandma and Grandpa Dustin, and Aunt Megan and Uncle Josh flew here from Utah and Grandma and Grandpa Ingram, the Brewers, Dyers, Petersens, Jones', Kelly's and so many others made the special trip from Indy. So many people love you!
You were pretty tired by the end of the day......Aunt Heather let us borrow this blessing outfit that your Knowlton cousins were blessed in.

Dustins! We had so much fun with you!!!!!!!!! It is always way too short! We loved going to the lake and cooking out, to going miniture golfing (and not cooking you a nice dinner because we played instead :).......watching that crazy, funny movie-permanantly ingrade in each of our heads....anyways-lots of fun. We miss you so much!

My family was seeing fireflys for the very first time.....the girls were showing them how you catch them.....

Crazy, that they will both be gone on missions....such awesome missionaries they will be!

Where's Grant? Oh, he is just getting smoooshed....

At Megs request, we made banana boats -so yummy! and fun to eat! and fun to make!-this the after picture of Megan eating hers!

Sweet baby boy-2 months old!

"the kids" ";) with Grant's "Blessing cake" decorated by the girls!

Myself, Greg and Julie.....the milking maids as Bill (Greg's dad) referred to us as.....Greg-SCARY!

How beautiful is this picture?! I love it!

Megs, we miss you!...The next time you will see him he will be almost 2....CRAZY!

Miss mermaid Halle...

Miss mermaid Tay

The cuties out of the sand....I was so surprised they sat still for so long!

The mermaid beauties! My Dad buried the girls and started to make the shapes and Meg, Josh and my dad turned them into awesome sand mermaids. heehee.


One of the things on the girl's "summer list of things to do..." was to learn how to blow bubble gum bubbles...well, we bought a big bag of bubble gum-the sugary kind-yikes!!!!-and we all had fun practicing! the girls still dont quite have a grasp on it but ohwell. Fun memory none-the-less.

Greg's master bubble. hahaha. The dentist is out of practice with the sugar-gum. I thought about using this picture as blackmail somehow............

My bubble, thankyou very much!

hahahaha. I miss you Dad. I still hear the weird, scary song from that movie when I look at this picture for some reason......oooowie, oooowie, ooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha

Oh, mom....He was crying so hard and grandmas calming touch completely melted him! Sweet. Miss you so much.


RUNNING IN THE RAIN....something Dustin's have always loved to do!

Now the little Ingram's do too! I have often wondered what our neighbors think, when we are out there running around in the rain (with no lightning of course).......ohwell. Happy memories. I have already programmed the girls that we run around in the rain, get dried off and have hot chocolate....haha. Fun times Josh and Meg!

Bike-riding fun! (end of july...)

A Lot of days this summer were spent riding bikes....