Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh Hello.

Hello! I just thought I would write a post because its something out of the ordinary for me. I guess I am feeling a little crazy! woohoo. Watch out day, cause its gonna be exciting!
Life is good! Why? Maybe I could list my top 10 as of late.
10. The wheather has cooled off!
9. Grant ate my homemade spaghetti and he loved it! ;0
8. Greg thinks I am slightly above average. haha.
7. Tay was sick a few days ago and we got to hang out and watch a movie together. odd fav. I know
6. Halle loves, loves kindergarten, and she has a cute crush (shh, dont tell that I blogged about it)
5. My St. George marathon is only 2.5 weeks away (this could be viewed as good and bad)
4. I want to get a dog!
3. Morning devotionals as a family are making a huge impact!!!!!!!
2. Volunteering with the PTO is not as scary as I thought it was going to be
1. Grant's catheter is out, and all is well. :) heehee.

So in other words, what is not to love?! (I would post a picture..... but I am on a good streak, I wouldn't want to ruin it by "promising to update the pics"... so we will just leave this one without one.)

Monday, May 31, 2010

Time!!!!!!!?! Its almost June!

Be forwarned... there is really no journaling, just a snapshot of the last 5 months..... sort of. Little gymnast. Taylor at her gymnastics preformance. May
Halle-weeze. super gymnast! May

Mini marathon- prerace. :) Freezing cold! May

Yum!! He found the chocolate chips. This picture so doesn't do it justice! May

Time out for women!!! with John Bytheway!!!! Grant even loved him! April

One small puppy dog for her school play "Arf". One small word! Cute! April

Happy Easter with the Ingrams! So fun! Love, love the basket Kaley! April

Happy Easter! :) april

Spring Break in New Jersey with Auntie Em. :) Love you! Where are my statue of liberty pictures? Luckily everyone else took excellent pictures! March

Grant looking into the Makenzie's eyes! "I am so happy you are here... perhaps I shall eat you because you are so cute, and because I am hungry!"

Tay's rainforest project! Good job! March

Our crawling monkey...without the helmet! :) March

Happy Sweet 5th Birthday Halle! Someday our family photo books will show all of the fun we did on your special day!!! Love love love you!

My lovely helmet heads! March

Happy Birthday my love! Feb 11th. Lucky for you... I love you more than my blog could ever tell. hahahaha.

raaaawwwwwrrrrrrrr. Feb
Go Colts!!!! Feb
Tay's Bb Feb
little dude in his helmet!
Night sledding! Jan

Disneyland!!! :)We are going for speed here people... no time for journaling from me. hahahaha.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Christmas Morning!!

Greg's Christmas Present from the girls. They absolutly loved giving this to him!
Grants duck. :) He loves it.

So...... as a Christmas gift and as a total surprise, we went to Disneyland. These pics got out of order but we had a big box, with smaller boxes (wrapped) inside. They had to open up each box, read the clue, try to figure out what the big surprise was and then go to the next one. The clues were things like "where do the princesses live?", "where is the happiest place on earth", "Where can all your dreams come true?", "where is a special place you have been wanting to go for a long, long time?" Fore almost all of the answers they said Disneyland....but they still did not get it..Greg and I were laughing to say the least. :) was too funny. This is the last "clue" and as you can see, they still had absolutly no idea what was going on. hahaha

After we told them what we were doing and where we were going... this is finally the reaction we got! haha We were driving in the car later that day and Taylor says..."Mommy, what is Disneyland anyway!!?!!" Again, much laughter erupted from Greg and I.

This is obviously the big box, before it was opened. Our friend Amy helped wrap the beast... Thanks Amy. haha

Yeah!!!! Books from Grandma and Grandpa Dustin. Thank you!!!!!!!!

haha. Halle bought Grant these little hats at the dollar store with her own money and she was SO excited to give them to him. The only problem was that they were a little bit too little. So sweet. You can tell he is the 3rd child because this is the best individual closeup picture that I got of my baby boy on his first Christmas morning. haha

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Some of the fun in December.

That Santa, he sure does love us! haha. Tay had wished for a "Moxie Girl, becuase they are modest Mommy and they are soo so cute". She's right! Halle had wished for "A little Pink Pig, so that I can love her and take care of her!" Halle said the cutest thing a couple of weeks after Christmas! We were in the car and Halle said," Mommy, why did I get presents from Santa?"
And I said"Because you are such a good girl and that is what happens at Christmas time". Long pause. "But Mommy, I sat in time-out a lot this year and I did not make some good choices,... Santa should not have gave me all of those presents." hahahahaha, so cute!!!! I reasured her that of course she was a good girl, and recommited myself to making sure that she knows that.:/
Wow, our little family of 5....Love it!!! I am so blessed! When I look at this picture I think about our crazy christmas eve. It was a little too rushed, and a little too hectic. We did some fun secret santa stuff. Had zuppa toscana for dinner, opened our christmas eve present (jammas), wrapped a few last minute things, packed for disney..... Christmas itself just didn't feel like it got the respect it deserves, or should I say, that Christ did not get the Respect that He deserved. Next year, I really will keep it simple. Its so much more awesome when we do!

My 3 kids! Christmas Eve pajammas. So fun, this picture just makes me smile!!!!

Our friend Amy came over on Christmas Eve and it was so great having her.

Thank you Bridget!!! She sent this beautiful gift to us and we absolutly love it. We opened it on Christmas Eve.

2009 Family portrait.

Snowmen. check. Hot chocolate. check. hot homemade bread. nope. cute girls. check.

We had soooo much fun making these. It was absolutly perfect snow!!! All we had to do was just kinda make a little ball and then kick it around and it just turned into this huge ball! so fun. can you see little Grant's snowman on the end! haha

12/13 A favorite tradition is to read in our Christmas Devotional Book every night that my mom made for us. It is excellent and it is such a great way to remember daily what the season is all about.

12/12.... Oh my goodness! Love him. Everytime I go to take a picture of my little guy I think the flash surprises him and his little smile vanishes for a second. haha.

Grant had his hypospadias surgery on December 4th. His Dr. was absolutly excellent! The surgery itself took about 2 hours. I couldn't believe how heartbreaking it was to come in and see him hooked up to IVs and just barely comeing out of his anethesia. I couldn't imagine how it would really feel if his surgery needs were more serious! He just slept pretty much the whole day

Here he is with the anesthesioligist just before his surgery.

Sweet boy, he was so happy and in just the best mood, had no idea what was coming at him. Haha.

Did you know they made such small hospital gowns? I didn't and look at the little booties. Cute.

There is an area in Richmond called the 'Depot District' and they have a big Christmas thing every tuesday night in December. It was a lot of fun this year. They have horse-drawn carrage rides, hot cocoa, balloon-animal-thingy-magiggs:) Santa, face painting.... anyway, lots of fun!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A slight overview of October and November...Slight

Just talking on the phone at the Halloween Safety Village trick or treat

Happy silly little ones. haha

1, 2, 3, jump!

The three racers. It was such a fun day!

10-16 Amazing.. he ran this half marathon in 1:33 and he had been injured and hadn't trained as much as he had wanted to. He is training for a half-ironman in July. and also the mini in May. Wow

As a family we went to a corn maze and it was really fun but super, super muddy. Haha, Tay even fell down so she was covered in mud. Awsesome memories!

10-6 To the pumpkin patch we was super rainy, the corn maze was closed and their was not hay ride...what? Oh well, we still had a ton of fun!

I had to grab a picture of her latest loss.... Two teeth missing, just in time for Christmas....perfect!

11-30 Taylor working so hard on a Christmas tree craft on "decorate the house for christmas night.

11-26 Cute Tay, Happy Thanksgiving!! Missing one little tooth on top.

10-25- Taylor Jayne the Pirate

10-25I eat lunch with Tay a couple times a month...should be more.....but anyway, I stayed for recess this time and caught a few pictures of Tay at her finest...Taylor and Recess, is there anything else that goes together so perfectly?

Hahaha, I found these on my camera that the girls had taken one sunday morning.

She did it!! She ran her first 1 mile race all by herself! Good job Tay!

10-16 Their race day that they shared with daddy... :) Tay is so good about taking care of her little brother and sister

Halle Louise....October and November run-through...

After decorating the Christmas Tree, she was just exhausted!!!

11-30 Halle completly organized a little craft for us all to do. It was awesome, she set out construction paper for everyone, a water bottle for each of us, some craft glue, was so cute! We had a lot of fun doing it!

11-12 at Greg's hockey game

as a comfy arm rest for Tay.

10-29 beautiful halle on our family "hike"/ trail walk...

10-26 we went trick or treating at Safety Village" it is so cute....all of the buildings, etc... are child size- they had a ton of places in there... mcDonalds, banks, scools, telephone booths, just to name a few..

10-26 Beautiful Queen

10-16 Raced a whole mile. Way to go Halle!!!

10-18 playing in the back yard in all of the leaves!

10-13 A pony ride at a fall fair

10-14 so silly, on our pitch black corn maze

10-10 Little mommy!

9-26 Halle loves, loves, loves Grant!

Grant: quick summary of October and November.....

11-22 those cheeks!


11-12 first hockey game, thank you very much

10-30 a cat-scan for the crooked noggin


10-29 chillin cute dude!

10-27 cool kid in your bumbo and camo.....

10-26 little lion

10-22 yuck! Mom, don't ever do that again

10-22 first feeding... haha

10-22 Haha just barely still able to fit in the sink.... I wish I would have gotten a picture of you when it looked like a jacuzzi you were stitting in!