Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dear T.V., to know you is to love/hate you!

I cant sleep. What the heck? I feel exhausted but here I am.... on So I have a story, that I would like to think that I could say, "this is the short version)... but I dont see that happening. haha.
Since we moved to Richmond we have had a t.v. for the soul purpose of using it for movies and such but we have not had any channels on it. I have loved, loved not having the option to turn on the t.v. when I needed some extra parenting help in the last 2.5 years. haha. Well, during family movie night a couple of weeks ago, the sound went out on our little die hard of a tv.... it totally quit working. So since we had been talking about getting a new one (we bought the current tube t.v. 1 year after we were married after we saved and saved for it) it seemed like the perfect time to do so. We bought one and I felt like it was monstrous! Well, when we hooked it up we got perfect reception on 3 channels..... all PBS channels, one of which had PBS kids. I was thrilled, Greg was not, he was hoping to get a few channels so he could watch some games. The next day I turned it on in the morning and layed down since I felt nasty, and Grant, cute little buddy of mine, played and watch PBS kids... who cant resist Curious George, or Dino Train, or Sesame Street, thats what I would like to know!? After school, the girls were so excited to watch t.v. that they hurried through homework to watch Arthur and Krats Creatures. Ahh, T.V. is not so bad! Why did we wait so long to do this?..... but then.... after a week, I started to remember why. Perhaps its me.... and I would like to think that it would be different if I wasnt nasty, and sick and eternally tired right now....but it kind of became sort of a focal point and routine. "Turn on the t.v. while I do this one thing so Grant will be entertained, I feel sick... (always) so i should turn on the t.v. so he has something fun and interesting to look at and listen to while I just lay here, plus its educational." "Oh, the girls are done with there homework, lets turn on the t.v. because...of course, I feel too sick to do something fun with them and PBS kids is fun... and educational!" Plus, if homework took a little too long and they missed the chance to watch it, there would be much wailing and nashing of teeth! "And oh, I ..... feel sick, you guessed it! and all the kids are in bed and Nova is doing a special on earthquakes that I totally want to watch and its ... educational! (remember not a lot of other options). And so I sit and watch instead of................................................ everything else I could be doing and did before the t.v. came back into our lives, sick or not sick. hahaha.
Well guess what....a blessed thing happened! Greg decided after 15 days of having the monster that he really, really wanted a different one with the option of hooking up the internet... So, we packed it back up and took it back. !!! We went through total withdrawl symptoms for about an hour the next morning. After everyone left for the day, Grant ran into the family room and jabbered at the t.v., waiting for the "fun" to start and that is all it took to snap me back into my, "Oh, yeah! It doesn't matter if you feel nasty! Get on the floor and play with your little Grant because he too.... is growing and will pass this little age way too soon!!!!!!!!" So we went back to how it was before...with the little guy following me around the house to do the little chores, which he loves to do. We built a cool fort with the table and blankets with flashlights on and snacks, played with his trains, read books, played with puzzles, colored, played with legos and played with all of the balls, of course!! Really we ran out of time and then it was nap time and we both layed down because I was (really sick) but I had the best day with my little guy! When the girls got home they were bummed that the option to watch t.v. wasnt there... but we also spent more time on homework, coloring, reading and....gasp! They went outside for a little bit and played! The rest of the week has followed suit. In fact, I havent heard anything about the t.v. in two days. :)
Now... some might say that its because we have deprived ourselves of t.v. for so long that that is why it is an obsession when the option is there.... This is probably true. But, I like not having the option. There, I said it!
The t.v. will come back but now that I remember how it feels to have it.... and the flip side of not having it, there will be balance. Is it bad for my little guy to watch Curious George for a little bit after I recover from the latest battle with the toilet. (eeww, sorry) No, probably not. But then it goes off and we go on with our day of... yes, feeling sick but also doing all the fun stuff and oh, lets say,...laundry! that needs to get done. For my girls to watch t.v. after school for a little bit is not a bad thing... they are so busy as it is that its not like they even have the time to watch a ton... but its just the mindset that has changed. Yeah, this was a long, long blog.... no short story here. haha

Friday, January 14, 2011

Cute Baby! 12 weeks along

Pictures make it all so real doesn't it! Here it is with its hands up by its face
During the ultrasound the baby had its feet up in the air the whole time. I was amazed that at even this early in the process I could see the details of its toes and fingers. Its cute huh!

Hahaha. Kicking and Swatting already. Watch out Grant.... this ones gonna come and get ya! The ultrasound tech said that there is a somewhat new hypothesis that even though you cant see if its a boy or girl at this stage that there are developmental features that literally point one way or the other. She has been trying out the hypothesis and she has been right 5/7 times. Not exact but fun either way. She said girl.... which confirms what I have been feeling all along. We shall see! :)