Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yeah....more I.V.s!!

I am here in the hospital...and you know I told that baby, no more hospital visits until he was good and ready to come out. Boys....they can be so difficult sometimes :) I actually dont mind the IV in, it gives me the fluids I need that I can't keep down. We are going to see how I do after this hopital visit and then if I still end up coming back then we will probably just do a pic line (is that really how you spell it?) so that I can just have a nurse come to the house and help with it every so often. My mom is amazing I am so, so grateful that she is here! The girls love it. And needless to say, so do Greg and I.
The hardest part about all of this is that I feel like my relationship with my girls is deteriorating, since my Mom is here to do all of the Mom stuff I am not feeling very close to them. Which proves to me that the service we render to someone...especially our own families will only help us to feel closer to them and love them even more. Perhaps through my prayers....scriptures...and Sister Hinckley's book, "Glimpses", I will be able to feel that peaceful spirit that in return they will feel as well. I love the gospel, the testimony I have now, and the knowledge that with my Heavenly Father all things are possible....even being a good mommy on bedrest. These are precious years when they are little...I already feel like I am running out of time.

Monday, January 26, 2009

So it is the boys who cause all the trouble!!!

I am finally home from the hospital....and hope to never be there again until about 18 weeks from now! On tuesday evening (1/20) I realized that I had not kept down any solid food since the previous Saturday (1/17). I and probably all pregnant women get so used to throwing up that it wasn't until I looked back that I realized where I was... I switched to all clear liquids and couldnt keep that down so when I talked to my Dr. on Thursday he immediately admitted me into the hospital and got me on IV fluids and vitamins. I had a lot of cramping pain that they (and I) were concerned about so while I was there I got an ultrasound!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH! I was going to have to wait until I was 28 weeks along but look at what I will do to get my way and see it sooner!!! :) And we are haveing a BOY! We are so excited, baby is perfectly healthy, its amazing to me that it can survive an entire week of no food and 2 whole days of no hydration!! Cause I felt like I was dieing!! Anyway once I kept down all of the drugs orally and kept down some chicken broth and toast I was able to leave. I haven't moved my diet much from the broth and toast idea but its working. OH, AND MY MOM IS HERE! We talked to her Friday and she got on a plane on Saturday and she swooped in and saved us all!!! Yeah!!!! I am sooo grateful to have her here. I am so dizzy and weak and tired so I sleep a lot so my Mom is literally doing it all. THANK YOU MOM! I LOVE YOU! And thanks Dad for sharing her! Thanks to all of you for the phone calls and emails....we are doing great!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ok, just more cute pictures of my girls!

I saw a post on the shabby apple website for the "picture princess" and I just had to put pictures of the girls on my blog and then put the shabby apple link on my blog so I thought....why not?! So, here is my little plug for my girls on why their mom thinks they are the best things ever! I love you Tay and Halle!!!!!! If you (other readers of my blog) have never checked out the shabby apple website I would highly recommend it. Beautiful dresses...all totally modest and they have sweet little girl's dresses as well!
Halle- 3 years old, will be 4 in March and is such a cute little girl. Halle's personality is one that is sweet, caring, and honest. Her amazing blue eyes and captivating smile are what make her a picture princess. Halle's favorite dress on the Shabby website is:
Taylor-5 years old and so smart! She is a ball of energy and fun. From her sprinkles
(freckles) and her permanent smile or silly face she never has a dull moment! She is a perfect picture princess! Tay's favorite dress on the shabby website is:

Christmas with the Ingram clan!

Everyone looks sooooo happy!!! haha Sorry for catching everyone off gaurd with the picture.

Kaley, Heidi, Halle, Riley, and Tay.....Thank you for all the gifts everybody!

We had such a great Christmas! Thank you to both of our families for making it so great!

Winter fun in the Perfect Winter Wonderland!!

Seriously, these girls are gorgeous...and they are "boarders" So cute...miss you girls!
Love it, Tay was able to go skiing for the first time ever and she had a blast.

The adventurers, they drove there and home in a blizzard but they all said it was well worth it. Next year we will all be going!!!

The girls were jumping off the balcony to Greg and they loved it.

She did really well in the snow..she loved sledding, eating the snow and she didn't even mind the cold.

Beautiful Aunt Bridget! Halle would sqeeze her eyes shut before they even started going down the hill..I am going to miss that sledding hill!

Dustin family, we had sooo much fun with you! My girls are still talking about their sweet, cute cousins. We miss you Evie and Camille

Three little friends!

We woke up the day after Christmas and this is what we saw. Tons and tons of new snow.

Can you see our rental car in this picture? I know, its hard to find!!

Christmas Morning with the Dustin clan!

Grandma and Grandpa gave the girls a cupcake maker, they were so excited! Here's Halle, working studiously on her cupcake creation
Tay's cupcake was a red velvet cake, can you tell?

We cant tell if Halle is awake or not.....

Christmas morning is the best with kids!!

We had sooo much fun with everyone. We miss you guys!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Gregory!

I am convinced that I am married to the most amazing man offense to others. I just thought I would brag about him just a little bit. I feel so indebted to him! Since I have gotten sick, he has taken care of me, the girls, the house, not to mention his own practice. Thank you, love of my life!

Thank You Becca!!

My amazingly talented friend Becca, took our family pictures this year and I think they turned out soooooo cute. I want to put all of these up all over my house!

We said, "ok girls, act crazy" and this is what happened one second later....they are what they are!

Poster size, anyone?

The five of us ran the 4.5 mile Thanksgiving Dash and it was sooo fun!
In november, Tay's school had a Skating night so we went and the girls loved it!

Cute huh!

The big Cut!

Both girls donated their hair to Locks of Love...I was a little worried that Halle was having way big second thoughts!
Cute huh!! Tay had been bugging me about cutting her hair since this summer so she could "share" it!

So cute, Halle was able to donate 8"

Tay donated 10"