Thursday, December 18, 2008

So pathetic!

I have so much to blog about! Blessings are like blog posts, so I should be writing like every minute but what in the world do I do with my days? I suppose I am mothering and stuff. Strange. I have my newer pics on Greg's laptop and he is out of town this weekend so I just wanted to blog quickly and then I can post pics up later. I have noticed that I am not a journal blogger. I am more of the, here are cute pictures of my kids (like 3 months ago because I am always so far behind) kind of blogger. But since I absolutly stink about writing in my own journal ...mabey I will sort of kind of journal on here...nothing too personal of course!

You know, I find it kind of funny that I was throwing such a fit about moving to Richmond, crying...using the silent treatment...complaining to my running group....cursing under my breath (no I wouldn't do that:))...and what did all that negative energy do? Nothing...not a stinkin thing! I still moved to Richmond! Uggh, did I think that all of that fit throwing would actual stop me from moving? The actual outcome was still the same...except that I had just made it that much harder on myself!!! well, and for my family. It taught me that no matter how hard we complain or whine or beat ourselves and other people up over the things we have to go thru in this life, we will still have to go through them!! Complaining and dragging our feet will only make it harder, it wont stop the trial no matter how small or big from coming our way! That negative energy is so very draining. So, I guess, I need to say sorry to all those that I constantly complained to! I dont love Richmond, but I am loving my life!

Ok, next post, pictures!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Halle, coming home with her loot...look at that proud face!
This picture doesn't do it justice....our neighborhood was packed with people!! It was like that scene in ET when the streets are just covered with Trick or treaters!

Poooooor Tay...She got so sick over her fall break, On wednesday night she got sick with what we thought was the stomach flu but then it just lasted...she was sick on Friday (halloween) and come to find out, she actually had step throat, without a sore throat! Strange! She didn't get better until tuesday and she had lost 5 lbs! Thats a lot for a very little person.

Halle-busy creating her cheese jack-o-lantern for her hamburger (a dustin tradition) and little Tay eating a green popsicle.

On wednesday, before school got out for fall break, the school had a halloween parade...sooo cute!

Pretty Snow fairy princess the weekend before Halloween at the Indy trunk or treat

Princess Belle, she was so excited this year to dress up and trick or was really fun.

Two best friends!!