Wednesday, September 16, 2009

July randomness

Yeah, they recieved the certificate for the summer reading program at the library for reading more than 15 hours......they were excited. I love our library.

Look, he is just a tiny bit bigger than my running shoe. haha

A sweet view from behind!

Camping July 11th

Taylor is letting us know that she is done....Malia looks like she is loving it..haha
We had so much fun seeing Heath and Amy Bland and their family when they were in town!
It had been raining all day but we decided to go anyway and we are so glad we did. It didn't rain on us at all that night.

Like father, like son.

Halle totally surprised us! She was eating her hot dog and it kept on slipping out of her bun so she put down her plate and bun and just picked up her hot dog with Ketchup on it. Her hands got dirty and everything!!!!? What?!

Hiding in the net from all of the mosquitos!!! We think he enjoyed his first camping trip!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Richmond 4th of July

Happy 1st Fourth of July Grant!!

Richmond had their fireworks on sunday night so it was perfect, we just walked over to the middle school and sat on the grass.

4th of July

Sad, just sad. haha

Jake, we never knew!!!! Master hula hoopin skills right there!

My little hula dancer

The crazy dancin never stopped.

Love it!

Miss Molly! She was so cute! She had to work pretty hard to get some candy at the parade!

It was the coldest, rainiest, 4th of july in a long, long time.....

Aahhhh, so pretty, just so pretty. Back off ladies, he's mine. :) (Greg, I knew you'de appreciate this picture!)

Little Grant and Em.

Some fun random pictures

7/7- See the green blanket he is laying on, well, Halle bought him this blanket with her own money, Cute huh!

6/30....that passy looks like it is as big as his head!

6/30-tummy time-obviously we cant get enough pictures of him like this.....I guess he loves it too.

June 30

June 30th- cute huh!

June 27th- touching the temple...

June 30

Our primary at the temple June 27th

June 28th

June 27th

june 27th

June 29th

June 29th

June 27th, 2009 TAYLOR IS SIX!

Dear Taylor,
I am so proud of you! For six years I have been able to enjoy being your mom! You bring so much energy and life and joy to our family. You are silly, funny, and so curious and even a little mischeivious sometim es! Ha, Ha. More often than not I am laughing about something you said or did. I love how much you like school and meeting new friends. It is something that you are very good at. You are quite the gymnast these days and I haven't decided yet if doing gymnastics on the couch is really something I should fret about. Sometimes, your Dad and I just look at each other and wonder how a little person has so much energy! It is amazing. We must funnel that energy! haha! The other day when you got home from school you had ten pages of homework and that was not the norm so I asked you why you had so much work and you said, "Mommy I just love to talk and then I don't have time to finish my work..." We addressed the issue by pretending that I was a friend sitting beside you, trying to distract you and you had to concentrate on your work, I even had a cute baby for you to look at and you stayed focused...amazing! You are doing much better at getting your work done at school now. You are so silly! hahah... I love you Tay! I hope you know because knowing is everything.
Here are some more pics from your Birthday!

For Tay's Birthday she wanted to go and eat breakfast with Daddy and ride horses. We went to Whitewater State Park about 20 min from our house and they have horses that you can "rent" and go on a trail ride. She loved it! Greg and Tay rode their own horses-she even controlled the reigns on her own! Grant and I watched Halle have a pony ride. It was a really fun family day. The next Day, Aunt Emy was in town and we went to the fair, it was awesome to have her here to share Tay's special day.

The lighting of the cupcake....ooooooooo...