Monday, February 1, 2010

Christmas Morning!!

Greg's Christmas Present from the girls. They absolutly loved giving this to him!
Grants duck. :) He loves it.

So...... as a Christmas gift and as a total surprise, we went to Disneyland. These pics got out of order but we had a big box, with smaller boxes (wrapped) inside. They had to open up each box, read the clue, try to figure out what the big surprise was and then go to the next one. The clues were things like "where do the princesses live?", "where is the happiest place on earth", "Where can all your dreams come true?", "where is a special place you have been wanting to go for a long, long time?" Fore almost all of the answers they said Disneyland....but they still did not get it..Greg and I were laughing to say the least. :) was too funny. This is the last "clue" and as you can see, they still had absolutly no idea what was going on. hahaha

After we told them what we were doing and where we were going... this is finally the reaction we got! haha We were driving in the car later that day and Taylor says..."Mommy, what is Disneyland anyway!!?!!" Again, much laughter erupted from Greg and I.

This is obviously the big box, before it was opened. Our friend Amy helped wrap the beast... Thanks Amy. haha

Yeah!!!! Books from Grandma and Grandpa Dustin. Thank you!!!!!!!!

haha. Halle bought Grant these little hats at the dollar store with her own money and she was SO excited to give them to him. The only problem was that they were a little bit too little. So sweet. You can tell he is the 3rd child because this is the best individual closeup picture that I got of my baby boy on his first Christmas morning. haha