Monday, May 31, 2010

Time!!!!!!!?! Its almost June!

Be forwarned... there is really no journaling, just a snapshot of the last 5 months..... sort of. Little gymnast. Taylor at her gymnastics preformance. May
Halle-weeze. super gymnast! May

Mini marathon- prerace. :) Freezing cold! May

Yum!! He found the chocolate chips. This picture so doesn't do it justice! May

Time out for women!!! with John Bytheway!!!! Grant even loved him! April

One small puppy dog for her school play "Arf". One small word! Cute! April

Happy Easter with the Ingrams! So fun! Love, love the basket Kaley! April

Happy Easter! :) april

Spring Break in New Jersey with Auntie Em. :) Love you! Where are my statue of liberty pictures? Luckily everyone else took excellent pictures! March

Grant looking into the Makenzie's eyes! "I am so happy you are here... perhaps I shall eat you because you are so cute, and because I am hungry!"

Tay's rainforest project! Good job! March

Our crawling monkey...without the helmet! :) March

Happy Sweet 5th Birthday Halle! Someday our family photo books will show all of the fun we did on your special day!!! Love love love you!

My lovely helmet heads! March

Happy Birthday my love! Feb 11th. Lucky for you... I love you more than my blog could ever tell. hahahaha.

raaaawwwwwrrrrrrrr. Feb
Go Colts!!!! Feb
Tay's Bb Feb
little dude in his helmet!
Night sledding! Jan

Disneyland!!! :)We are going for speed here people... no time for journaling from me. hahahaha.