Friday, June 1, 2012

I scared off my Nuerologist

I thought I would make a fun list of symptoms since I get asked about them and then this way, I also have a list so that when they go away I can just check them off.....  :) Please be aware that I am not trying to whine...

numbness on my left side (not new, but I am excited to check this one off)
pressure in the left side of my neck
headache and pressure on the back of my head (left side of course)
pressure in my torso, pelvis area
bloated feeling
no appetite, I even try to eat but I am immediately full, and nauseas when I do.
lower back pain
breathing feels "tight"
occasional slurred speech
night sweats
pain, pressure in my armpits
I have lost 8 lbs in the last month, 5 in the last 2 weeks.

Yay, I am so glad that I blogged about all of those details.

I went to the ER on Monday because with all of these symptoms and throwing up and slurring, I was sent over the edge.... Greg and the kids were at the lake so I had a perfect opportunity to go, I wouldn't inconvenience anyone. Haha.

They did a CAT scan of my brain, to make sure there was no bleeding, an EKG, blood work, and I peed in a cup.

All of these came back..... normal.... of course. Haha.

Because of my trip to the ER i got into my nuerologist sooner though! I was able to get in this past Wednesday.  It did not go the way I thought it might.....

After I had gone through just a few of my symptoms (he was the one I really wanted to complain to) he stopped me and said that he felt like he had ran the tests that he needed to and those were all normal and so I was now out of his specialty and that I would now need to report back to my family doctor.  He said I did not have MS or brain tumors and so that was all he could do.  He then said that to him, it sounded like I could have Ovarian Cancer.  With these symptoms all together and the fact that my Grandma had it, he ordered a CT scan with and without contrast.

Interesting.  I don't fit the risk factors (other than family history) so its highly unlikely.  Some of my symptoms do line up but they are all so non descript.  So we have another test, its scheduled for Monday morning.

I am excited for these test results to come back normal, and then after that.... I think I will move on to see if I have a weird allergy or something.  :)

I really, really need to put cute pics of my kids on this blog.  That is what blogs are for, isn't it?

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Whitney Jo said...

Your in my prayers that they will find answers for you. I am sure it's scary for you and your family to be going through this. I'm glad your blogging about it. It can be really good for us to write about hard things. Really love you.