Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spinal Tap Fun!

I went to Indianapolis yesterday and had that wonderful spinal tap (lumbar puncture) that everyone is always raving about! :) haha.  The actual procedure wasn't too bad at all!
My mom (more on their visit later! :) and I and the two littlest ones left our house at about 6:15am and drove over to St. Francis Hospital.  She dropped me off and then drove over to Bill and Debbie's (my in-laws) and took care of my little crazies over there. So awesome!  I walked in and they took me right back and had me change into those awesome hospital gowns that automatically make you uncomfortable and sit in a special waiting area.  My appointment was at 8:15am, at 8:30 a technician walked in and said that they were running behind and she asked when I would absolutely have to be out of there.  Now as all mommy's know, when our children are in any kind of activity/performance, no matter the size, it is imperative that we are there!! I told the radiology tech that I had an all important, 1 minute long talent show that I promised Taylor that I would attend that started at 1:00pm, so I had to leave Indy at 11am at the latest.  She promised me that would happen and left the room. Ten minutes later Kate was back with a big smile on her face and said she "got me in"!!
Before I knew it I was laying on my stomach and the radiologist and Kate said that I was all done.  Seriously, I was waiting for that long sting from the numbing medicine that I was familiar with from epidurals, but I just felt a tiny little sting and then it was over.  He said that it was because he uses a much smaller needle than epidurals and puts the medicine in slowly because they aren't in a hurry like in epidurals. Yay! I did feel a little pressure, and they did need to tilt the table up to get the fluid out because it wasn't coming on its own but then, it was done.  It was cool, they had an ex-ray machine above me and a computer screen that the Dr. (and I) could watch and it guided him the whole time in getting that needle into my spine. It really was neat to watch. Four viles later and they were rolling me into a recovery area where I had to lay completely flat and still for an entire hour.  Then I was dismissed to leave! Easy!
About 20 minutes later, my mom was driving us home on the interstate (I wasn't allowed) when I got a call from Kate at the hospital.  She said that the radiologist told her to call and tell me that some blood work had been ordered and that I needed to come back.  Boo!  We turned around and by the time we got back to the hospital it was 11:05.  Kate was yelling at people and they all started running and I got my blood work and was out of there in 10 minutes. Hahaha. She was awesome!
We made it back home with 3 minutes to spare and I got to see the coolest little 1 minute gymnastics/dance show ever! :)
And then the pain hit, yikes.  I now know what people are taking about when they say they got a "spinal headache".  Wow.  I had been in an upright position for way too long and I guess you are suppose to try and lay down flat on your back for 8-12 hours.  Its been almost 33 hours and I still cant be up too long or that piercing feeling comes back into my head and back.  Poor Greg, he has played the role of daddy/mommy way too many times. That makes me sad.
Now we just wait.  Kate said that we should know something by Monday or Tuesday... maybe Wednesday. Yay! I am glad that we don't have to wait too long! :)

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