Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Whitney!!!! My little HOPE

"There they are, the tears are back.  I suppose its time for me to stop writing for now.

This is what I am hoping:  ............................................................

That I will look back on this post, and laugh at myself, and scoff at the little lame and selfish soul that I was.  That I will have so much love and adoration for the new little life that I cant imagine life with out it?!!  That I will be so filled with gratitude for a Heavenly Father who "knows me so much better than I know myself"... as the Stephanie this morning just said..... oh to be her again.....

Wow, I break so easily!"

I copied this  from the post I wrote the day I found out I was expecting my Whitney!  (see below, it is posted)  My Whitney!  Oh my goodness how we love her!  I adore her!  I love holding her!  I could hold her all day if I could.  I snuggle my little cutie in my arms and try to soak in all of her!  Her smell, her soft, squishy body.  I kiss those little chubby cheeks a hundred times a day!  I love her smile, it melts me!  She is beyond sweet, she is so content to just be held and loved.  I thank Him EVERY single day for her.  I am so grateful that He went ahead with His plan for me, even though I was screaming at Him to make it all go away!!!!!!!!  It BREAKS my heart to read the words that I wrote that day!!!!  This little wish I made that day of how I hoped I would feel really did come true.... times a million though!!!!  I do laugh at that girl who knew so little!  I am ashamed at how I felt then!  I was selfish and so naive as to how much I could love all of these family members he has blessed me with!  I am, beyond words, so filled with gratitude to my Heavenly Father "who does know me so much better than i know myself"!  This little hope came true. I cant wait to write and explain how it all came to be!!


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Katie + Justin said...

This is so sweet! You're such an awesome mom, Steph. Whitney is so blessed to have YOU!